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Together with our company associates, Farnborough Waste Management use recycling paths where possible to cope with this particular particular type of waste. Our UK national service covers the collection disposal and recycling of chlorinated solvents and contaminated rags. Our disposal and recycling service complies with all the hazardous waste regulations 2005. Chlorinated Solvents are classed as hazardous waste and should be segregated from your general waste stream for specialist disposal.

Farnborough Waste Management are able to give a recycling service for a lot of various kinds of chlorinated solvents, this contains methylene chloride (dichloromethane) and trichloroethylene. The recycling activities that are taken with chlorinated solvents, makes our disposal and recycling service successful from both environmental and cost perspectives. Once we have collected your waste chlorinated solvents, they’re taken to a completely licenced transfer station where they’re tested for solvents and also the degree of pollution. If the solvents are mixed and heavilly contaminated they will be sent for high temperature incineration. Farnborough Waste Management expect that this info has been useful to you personally. For info about our many other services you return to our “Our Services” page. If we can be of any further assistance you can e-mail us from our “Contact Us” page. 

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