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Glass Waste Recycling Farnborough

Glass is one of the most sustainable materials we have on earth.  It is 100% recyclable and can be re-melted endlessly without ever reducing its quality or losing its fibre content. In the UK , we have an excellent glass recycling record of 68.8%, one of the highest rates of any packaging material.  

However, there’s always room for improvement. That is why at Farnborough waste company we strive for zero landfill glass waste. We promise to recycle 100% of your glass waste at our glass recycling facilities. We are eco-friendly, reliable, professional and possess a ton of experience when it comes to all kinds of waste management,including glass waste. Call us on  01256 520 499 for a fee quote.

Even though glass can be recycled infinitely, still more than half of it does not get  recycled back to usable glass. Much of it is lost to landfill or incineration. We’re working to get much more glass back to be recycled. Farnborough waste company, we are looking to recycle a 100% of recyclable glass to save our natural resources, landfill space and energy. 

How is Glass Recycled?

Like we have said above, glass has the ability to be recycled a million times and still look perfect and do its job perfectly. However, the glass recycling process hasn’t always been the same. Over the years, there have been several different methods and numerous sources in the recycling of glass. 

Glass recycling is the process of reprocessing waste glass back into usable glass products such as glass bottles and jars.  This includes sorting, washing, crushing and melting glass waste and moulding it back into bottles and jars. 

We collect the glass from your premises, taking to stick to the time and date that you chose. We also give you the option of choosing the frequency of the glass collection. And then we transport it to our state of the art glass recycling facilities where it will begin the other stages of recycling.  

At the recycling plant, it goes through a pre-treatment process to remove contaminants such as paper or plastic using blown air.  All metal objects are removed with magnets.

Next, it is filtered or sorted by colour and washed to remove any further impurities.

Then follows the crushing stage where the glass is crushed, melted and moulded into new products such as bottles and jars. 

Why should we Recycle Glass?

Glass recycling is one of the most efficient forms of recycling of glass waste, with 100% recovery of the original material in an extremely eco-friendly and pure form. The added benefits including the environmental benefits are unmatched. 

Every tonne of recycled glass melted in the recycling process saves approximately 315kg of Carbon Dioxide, which in turn reduces emissions overall. Extreme greenhouse gas emission such as carbon dioxide are the leading cause of global warming. 

Glass recycling also saves us a ton of energy and reduces the demand for raw materials. For every tonne of glass recycled, 1.3 tonnes of raw materials is saved, causing a reduction in quarrying in the UK. Quarrying is required in the production of raw glass material because glass is made of natural raw materials such sand, soda ash, salt and limestone. Though these resources are abundant at the moment, that may not be the case forever. In summary, we should recycle glass to:

  1. Save energy
  2. Protect the environment
  3. Promote sustainable way of living
  4. Reduce glass pollution.
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