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Clinical Waste Management Farnborough

Whatever your clinical waste requirements, we can provide you with appropriate clinical waste management and clinical waste containers. With more than 30 years’ experience handling this type of waste, we provide cost-effective and reliable solutions across Farnborough. Contact us on 01256 5204 99 to discuss your requirements.

We are licensed and have all the needed requirements to handle clinical waste solutions.

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We pride ourselves in ensuring that our services do not pose any danger to the environment through our sustainable and eco-friendly clinical waste management solutions.  

What Is Clinical Waste Management?

Clinical waste management starts from how you keep the waste in your premises, collection by a waste company, to the disposal of the waste. All of these are enforced by the clinical  waste management rules and regulations, by-laws and legislation. Which means that clinical waste mismanagement could lead to fines, closure of your business, and even imprisonment. 

Not sure what mismanagement of medical  waste looks like? Contact us for more details and we’ll be glad to assist with any questions you may have. 

Clinical waste comes from clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, old age homes etc and all of these places produce different kinds of medical waste daily. However, all this waste needs to be handled with extreme caution and care. It is not the same as the waste from our homes or regular businesses. It is characterised by its ability to harm, maim or even kill what it comes into contact with. For example, if you touch a used needle and it happens to poke you, you might be infected with whatever infection it may be harboring.

According to the WHO, only about 15% of clinical waste is considered hazardous. The rest of it is a general, non hazardous clinical waste. However, it still needs to be disposed of with great care.

Types of Clinical Waste Farnborough

According to WHO, here’s a list of types of clinical waste:

Infectious waste: This is usually waste consisting of bodily fluids and blood such as bandages, swabs, disposable medical equipment,  and waste from patients with infectious diseases. 

Radio-active waste: Radioactive waste is all the waste contaminated with radioactive agents, radiotherapeutic materials such as Xrays.

Non hazardous waste: This is the kind of waste that does not cause life threatening harm to humans and very little to the environment. It is usually referred to as general waste.

Cytotoxic waste: This kind of waste is usually highly hazardous. It can impair, injure or kill cells in humans and cause death, it’s usually waste that results from cancer treatments.

Pharmaceutical waste: This is all the waste from pharmaceuticals. It is expired waste, or unused. Examples of this waste are vaccines, hazardous drugs, narcotics, vitamins and supplements.

Chemical waste: This is waste from harmful chemicals used in healthcare services. They’re sterilizers, disinfectants, and medical devices containing heavy elements such as mercury.

Sharps waste: This type of waste is syringes, scalpels and blades. 

Clinical Waste Disposal Farnborough

Clinical disposal is  a tricky business. It requires waste disposal services to have a licence and certification to dispose of it. This is because it poses great danger to the environment, the people and animals. When dumped anywhere, it could contaminate our drinking water systems, kill our lands and cause harmful reactions to our animals and wildlife. Hink birth defects, contraction of incurable diseases and even death.

To ensure that your medical waste is disposed of using the best waste disposal practices you can think of, contact us. We are the best at what we do and we do it at a very affordable cost.

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