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Business Waste Collection Farnborough

As a business, it is quite inevitable not to produce waste. At some point , your business will produce either recyclable waste or non-recyclable waste and this waste can both be solid waste or liquid or either or. Therefore, the UK has made it a legal requirement for all businesses to follow a ‘Duty of Care’ approach, ensuring the waste they produce is stored responsibly and only disposed of by businesses licensed to do so. Farnborough is exactly what you need to properly manage your business waste.

We collect and dispose of all kinds of business waste, both solid and liquid. oFrom general waste, hazardous waste to metal waste, we are your one stop shop for all your waste management needs. You can reach us on 01256 520 499. We are available anytime of the day you need us. 

What is Business Waste?

Business waste, sometimes referred to as trade waste (though technically, trade waste is liquid waste from businesses excluding human excretion waste) is the waste material produced by commercial entities. It could be plastic waste, food waste, paper waste, glass waste, hazardous waste, clinical waste etc. It is any and all kinds of waste that are a result of a commercial activity. 

Hiring a business waste management company such as us here at Farnborough is your legal responsibility. Some companies produce the kind of waste that needs special precautions and cannot be handled by anyone. Having a commercial waste collections company ensures that your business waste is handled and disposed of responsibly and does not pose any harm to the environment, humans, and animals. Want to learn more about what happens when your business waste is not managed properly? Call us today. To give you a clue, failure to properly dispose of your waste may lead to imprisonment, heavy fines, and even closure of your business.

Types of Business Waste Farnborough 

There are many different types of business waste which means every business will have different waste collection needs. That is why we work with businesses of all sizes in any sector and are able to tailor our services to your needs. We understand that each business will produce different kinds and amounts of waste depending on the size of the company, the industry the company is part of, and the customer/client base. Below are the different types of business waste streams:

  • General Waste – This includes the common, everyday type of waste businesses produce. Often, this kind of waste cannot be recycled. This includes waste such as food packaging, laminated paper, tissue paper.
  • Glass waste – This is waste from glass jars and bottles. Industries such as restaurant and hospitality, and glass manufacturers are most likely to produce this type of business waste in larger quantities.
  • Hazardous Waste –  This kind of waste poses a great risk to the environment or public health. It is either toxic, infectious, corrosive or reactive. This waste needs special training and licensing to be able to dispose of it. 
  • Food waste –  this kind of waste is discarded food produce which has not been eaten and therefore thrown away. It could be from leftovers, food peels or food that went bad. 
  • Paper and Cardboard waste – This waste can originate from office paper printing, deliveries, and shredded paper which has been shredded to preserve confidentiality and to avoid disclosure.

Ensuring proper business waste management including how you store the waste in your premises is  a legal requirement and a legal responsibility. Every business in the UK with a registered business site is required to responsibly dispose of their business waste. As per your Duty of Care, you are required to:

  • Store your waste safely and securely
  • Prevent the waste from causing any damage to people or the environment
  • Ensure that your waste collection provider is fully licensed
  • Contain all waste within your control to the greatest extent that you can
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